Pirate Chain Memes

Globexit International Ops Network is operating 23 websites online, in 16 languages. Translations might not be perfect, but I am sure that people searching for this type of content can recognize some good memes.

"It's not private if it's not Pirate."Unknown

I liked the Pirate Chain project from the very first time I have found it. So, I started creating $ARRR memes as my contribution to the comunity. In between mirroring live streams from cryptocurrency content creators and globe skeptics, there will be meme marathons.

You can also contribute to these marathons. If you created some dank $ARRR memes and you want those featured, send them via e-mail at or you can post them in #pirate-memes room in Discord with a @Globexit #arrrmeme mention.

Also, you can find some gif-memes, video-memes and even audio-memes that I have created by clicking the MEME tab on the main meniu. You can vote and even donate $ARRR or $WOW towards your favorite. Currently under maintenance.

If you're on BitClout, make sure to visit my profile. There are some NFTs in there that you don't want to miss. Either you're new into crypto or an OG interested in one of the primary attribute of a coin in order to experience financial freedom, privacy that is, and you want to learn and to laugh at the same time, make sure you go scrolling my feed.

You feel the urge for a good laugh? Head to GLOBEXIT TV for the daily #arrrmeme marathon.

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